AF Canyon Pine Hollow Trail 047

September 18th, 2010

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|  Location: Near American Fork, utah  |  GPS: 40.449266,-111.643195|
Difficulty: Moderate

Length: N/A

Time: N/A

DBF Review:
    We started this trail from the parking lot on the Alpine loop. The first half mile you are riding right on the edge of a cliff down to the alpine loop. I don’t recommend looking down just look at the trail and go. It has a couple switchbacks but the trail is a short trip up to the AF trail system if you don’t like the crowds in tibble fork. You can pick up a map at the mouth of the canyon. There is a fee to get in the canyon but well worth it. You can also pick up a map at the ranger station in Pleasant grove for $10.00 that covers all the trails in Utah County. Please watch for horses, hikers, and mtn. bikers.


  • Bikes, when rdiden by most mtbikers do NOT increase erosion more than horse and mule hooves, that’s for sure. The National Park’s hardline stance against riding on trails is frustrating to say the least, especially when you know what you’re doing and you will not cause harm.With that said, it is unfortunate that a great deal of riders and tourists in general are accidents waiting to happen, so the parks have to play it safe and not let anybody ride so they can avoid lawsuits by hikers who would be knocked into the Canyon when a group of Midwest tourists came down the trail, chugging mountain dew and destroying the place. A lot of people riding mtbikes these days have the wrong idea about things and don’t do a good job of protecting the natural environment, they have the old, I’m conquering nature attitude about things and are likely to have bought the SUV and mtbike on the same day.This is obviously not you guys however, you guys are the real deal.The real injustice here is the terribly unreasonable punishment you guys received, not being allowed in NPS sites for 5 years. What a waste. What you did broke a few rules and is a serious matter but you are not a threat to NPS and should be allowed to experience the parks. Too bad you couldn’t trade the ban for a thoughtful and productive time spent working off your debts to the parks in some beneficial way.You didn’t mean any harm, but you got to pay the price. Don’t let this incident jade you though. Learn from it and keep on your journey, be safe and keep being positive.

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