Cherry Creek Utah To Porter Rockwells Ranch

November 22nd, 2010

| Location: Nephi, utah | GPS: 39.76936,-112.352543 | Google map |
Difficulty: Easy to DifficultLength: N/A 

Time: N/A

DBF Review:
Cherry Creek is locate just North of the little Sahara Sand Dunes. Cherry Creek has alot of different dirt bike trails to offer. If you like whoops then you are in heaven. Stay on the south side and up toward Porter Rockwells Ranch for lots off whoops and trees. Head up north for some good off road motorcycle trails. You will find some good single track and some fun washes to ride in and some sand trails. Cherry Creek has desert races and holds one of the nationals. If you have never seen one it is unreal. A great plave to bring the family for some great family rides. When going through the trees always stop and listen for other vehicles on the motorbike trails to avoid a head on collision. We started this trail from the parking lot on my google map and headed west down the fence line until we got to Porter Rockwells Ranch.


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