Whiting Campground Trail Head Mapleton Utah

June 27th, 2011

Last wed I met up with a couple of riders and we headed up Maple Canyon to hit the trail head at whiting campground. We were a bit worried the water was going to be to high because you have to ride right up the stream for a couple of miles. Ended up being perfect conditions, no snow and was very dry up top. We went up and took the fork over towards hobble creek then looped back around and connected to sawmill (013) on the diamond fork side and looped back to the trail head. We did about a 4 hour ride with a few minor obstacles. I got a pinch flat that I had to pump up every 30 minutes, I fouled out my spark plug, went down in the river, and fought a up hill log crossing for about 20 minutes. Ended up getting dehydrated and thought I was going to die but was glad I made it back in one piece. This trail is really fun but very rocky for the first 5 miles as you can see in the video. My helmet camera died before we hit the hobble creek side where there was a lot of water falls right next to the trail. 30 seconds into the video you will see a nice log crossing they added last year, very fun trail.



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