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Powder Mountain


This was our first time to Powder Mountain, It was a very fun weekend the whole family enjoyed. My boy raced in the begginer lites class and ended up 4th for the year.The track is more intimidating then it looks, my boy said it is definitely for more expierienced riders. On the first day of practice my boy made it a quarter lap and endoed and knocked himself out for a bit. This track is up one of the steepest canyons in America with a 16% grade and at about 8,000 feet. The Pro’s were awesome to watch as usual. Can’t wait to go back next year.




|  Location: Ogden, Ut  |  GPS: 40.111448  |  Google map  |

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Difficulty: Intermediate to Difficult
Length: N/A
Time: N/A

Mesquite Nevada Dirt Bike Trails

We decided to go find some new trails so we headed south to Mesquite, NV. We headed up the road west of Virgin Casino up towards the dump and found a pull off. The trails here were so fun there was everything from sand, to washes, singletrack, some killer hill climbs and much more. We rode for 8 hours and still did not have time to see it all. I will put Mesquite dirt bike trails in my top five favorite places to ride.


|  Location: Mesquite, NV  |  GPS: 36.875214, -114.087229  |  Google map  |

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Difficulty: Intermediate
Length: N/A
Time: All Day   


Tie Fork Trail 023

We made our way up sheep creek up towards strawberry ridge in search of some new trails. We came across the end of centerline (009) in diamond fork and tried out a new trail accross the road (023) that dropped over towards soldier summit. This trail was really fun and had some gnarly water crossings. With all the snow this year some trails we have been on are almost impossible to cross but we always seem to find a way. The first few croosings were not so bad but the the one at 2:18 was deep. It was worse in real life than the video shows. When he came back across he nearly endoed, we had a good laugh.






|  Location: Spanish Fork, Ut  |  GPS: 40.037094,-111.224331  |  Google map  |



Whiting Campground Trail Head Mapleton Utah

Last wed I met up with a couple of riders and we headed up Maple Canyon to hit the trail head at whiting campground. We were a bit worried the water was going to be to high because you have to ride right up the stream for a couple of miles. Ended up being perfect conditions, no snow and was very dry up top. We went up and took the fork over towards hobble creek then looped back around and connected to sawmill (013) on the diamond fork side and looped back to the trail head. We did about a 4 hour ride with a few minor obsticles. I got a pinch flat that I had to pump up every 30 minutes, I fouled out my spark plug, went down in the river, and fought a up hill log crossing for about 20 minutes. Ended up getting dehydrated and thought I was going to die but was glad I made it back in one piece. This trail is really fun but very rocky for the first 5 miles as you can see in the video. My helmet camera died before we hit the hobble creek side where there was a lot of water falls right next to the trail. 30 seconds into the video you will see a nice log crossing they added last year, very fun trail.







Ironhorse Raceway Pee Wee Race

We made our way out to the Huntington peewee race a couple weeks ago for another awesome race. My boy really enjoys going to this track it is one of his favorites. The weather was perfect and like always the kids put on a good race. I decided instead of putting the helmet camera on my boy I held it and tried to get a little of all the racers. it was a little shaky in spots but turned out great. Number 4 on the kawasaki 65 was ripping it up and having fun. The kids got involved at the gates and tried to do it supercross style with a little shake. Overall it was a good turnout and can’t wait until the next race.







Cherry Creek Sugarloafers National


    The sugarloafers again put on another epic desert national race at Cherry Creek. After raining for a week straight the clouds lifted and the sun came out for what the racers are saying was a perfect day for racing. The Pros had a good line up and you will see in my video how many bikes were in the line up as they come flying through the hole shot. I got the amature start but there was a big pile up at the start so we took off and got some footage of a water crossing and then drove pit row to see all the rigs. We then took off with some friends and my boy to go check out some of the terrain these riders have to go through. It was two 45 mile loops. I am a big Destry Abbott fan and he was able to pull off a third place with Kendall Norman coming in second and Kurt Casselli getting first. Overall it was a great day for riding and I can’t wait for the next one. If you have never watched a desert race put it on your list of things to do. Thanks sugarloafers for putting on another awesome desert race. This is from Destry Abbott’s web site. “The club did a great job on the course and you really couldn’t have asked for better weather. It was definitely one of the best races of the year! Racing in Utah is always one of my favorite places to go. The people are always so nice and supportive.” www.destryabbott.com







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