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San Rafael Swell Orange Trail 0

December 11th, 2011

|  Location: Hanksville, Ut  |  GPS: 38.671171,-110.646315  |  Google map  |
Difficulty: Moderate to Dificult

Length: N/A

Time: 2 hour loop

DBF Review:
    This is another one of the funner trails in the San Rafael Goblin Valley area. We started from the goblin valley side. From our google map look for the trail 845 then connect over to 848 thats the trail head. From here you have an option of difficult to extremely difficult trails. We took the orange trail out to the blue and looped around. you have access to the 5 miles of hell or the red trail if you want to try your skills. This trail is funnest in spring and fall. Be sure to try th waterfall trail it is one of our favorites.

Goblin Valley Waterfall Trail 1

October 20th, 2010

|  Location: Near Green River, Utah  |  GPS: 38.655488,-110.656443  |  Google map  |
Difficulty: Moderate to Difficult

Length: 12.5 miles

Time: 1 to 2 hours depending on riding ability

DBF Review:
    I will have to say this is one of the funnest off road motorcycle trails we have done. We came from the top down, the trail head is a couple hundred feet off the main road. The goblin valley trails are really fun. Pick up a map at the Price Ut BLM office. This dirt bike trail had every obsticle from washes, rock climbs, whoops, drops. Check out the plaque at 4:00 pretty funny and true story. This trail is best in the spring or fall as it can get really hot in the summer and is really sandy in the washes like the sand dunes. Always bring water to keep hydrated when in the desert and do not travel alone. Do not take this trail if rain is in the forcast alot of it is in a wash.