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Tie Fork Trail 023 Upper Sheep Creek 0

July 20th, 2011

Upper Sheep Creek Trail 023

We made our way up sheep creek up towards strawberry ridge in search of some new trails. We came across the end of centerline (009) in diamond fork and tried out a new trail accross the road (023) that dropped over towards soldier summit. This trail was really fun and had some gnarly water crossings. With all the snow this year some trails we have been on are almost impossible to cross but we always seem to find a way. The first few croosings were not so bad but the the one at 2:18 was deep. It was worse in real life than the video shows. When he came back across he nearly endoed, we had a good laugh.



|  Location: Spanish Fork, Ut  |  GPS: 40.037094,-111.224331  |  Google map  |

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Diamond Fork Utah Chase Creek Single Track Trail 0

August 10th, 2010

|  Location: Near Spanish Fork, utah  |  GPS: 40.155983,-111.329527  |  Google map  |
Difficulty: Intermediate

Length: N/A

Time: 2 hours
DBF Review:
    We started this trail from the dirt road up diamond fork. From the parking lot on my google map head up the road north about half a mile past the hobble creek turn off. This trail has some discrepancy’s, it is not marked on a map as a single track trail. The trail head where we start says no motorcycles but the trail head at the end says you can have motorcycles. The forest service did not know how to answer the question when ask if it was ok to ride. The trail starts out with 2 river crossing that in the spring can be a couple feet deep and have been know to wash some bikes over. it is rocky and has some technical spots. We do not recommend this trail for a beginner and do recommend you contact the forest service before riding it.

Mapleton Utah Single Track Trail 006 1

July 29th, 2010

Diamond Fork Utah Monks Hollow ATV Trail 125 0

July 14th, 2010

|  Location: near Spanish Fork, utah  |  GPS: 40.073474,-111.390553  |  Google map  |
Difficulty: Begginer to Intermediate

Length: N/A

Time: 2 Hours
DBF Review:
    We started this trail from the diamond fork side. The trail is pretty easy and is a good trail to take kids on. It goes up over the mountain and ends at highway 6. Once you get to the top and start heading down the trail starts to get a little rocky. This is a good place to turn around if you have a beginner with you. Towards highway 6 it gets a little more difficult and has more rocky sections. To get here from Spanish Fork head up canyon highway 6 about 5 miles past the windmills. Turn left at the diamond fork turn off and head up the canyon 7.5 miles. Turn right into group parking and you will see the trail head.

Diamond Fork Utah Single Track Trail 018 0

July 7th, 2010

Diamond Fork Utah Single Track Trail 013 0

July 7th, 2010

| Location: Near Spanish Fork, Utah | GPS: 40.141332,-111.340819 | Google map |
Difficulty: Intermediate 

Length: 15 to 20 miles

Time: 2 to 3 hours

DBF Review:
To get to this trail head up highway 6 from spanish fork 5 miles past the windmills. Turn left at the diamond fork turn off. Head up the canyon about 14 miles to a parking lot on the left. Trail head 013 starts at the parking lot. This trail has a few technical switch backs and some tight steep terrain. You can ride over into hobble creek or mapleton canyon from this trail.

Diamond Fork Utah Single Track Trail 009 1

June 30th, 2010