St. George UT on the Rocks

April 25th, 2010

|  Location: Washington, Utah  |  GPS: 37.111025,-113.440136  |  Google map  |
Difficulty: Moderate to difficult

Length: N/A

Time: All Day

DBF Review:
    This area is acctually out by Washington utah, we took washington dam road and parked over north of warner valley. The google map above will show where we parked. We started out heading south up the wash and played out in the sand and out into warner valley over the Arizona border. After lunch we headed down Pecon RD to the north a couple miles, when you see sand trails on the right follow the trail up and then hang a right at the top where you see the golf course on the left. This will take you up to the rocky playground. You can jump back on the dirt road and towards warner valley on the cliffs and you will eventually get to the Sand Hollow sand dunes but you will need a flag if you go out that way. These trails are best done in spring, fall, and winter as the temperatures get in the 100’s in the summer. Remember you are in the desert so pack lots of water if you are planning a long ride. The area we parked in has a large area for kids to ride bikes and 4 wheelers also.


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