Diamond Fork Utah Monks Hollow ATV Trail 125

July 14th, 2010

|  Location: near Spanish Fork, utah  |  GPS: 40.073474,-111.390553  |  Google map  |
Difficulty: Begginer to Intermediate

Length: N/A

Time: 2 Hours
DBF Review:
    We started this trail from the diamond fork side. The trail is pretty easy and is a good trail to take kids on. It goes up over the mountain and ends at highway 6. Once you get to the top and start heading down the trail starts to get a little rocky. This is a good place to turn around if you have a beginner with you. Towards highway 6 it gets a little more difficult and has more rocky sections. To get here from Spanish Fork head up canyon highway 6 about 5 miles past the windmills. Turn left at the diamond fork turn off and head up the canyon 7.5 miles. Turn right into group parking and you will see the trail head.


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