AF Canyon Utah Single Track 252

July 27th, 2010

|  Location: Near American Fork, Utah  |  GPS: 40.482536,-111.645448  |  Google map  |
Difficulty: Intermediate

Length: N/A

Time: N/A

DBF Review:
    This trail is one of the funnest single tracks I have done in AF Canyon. It is a pretty smooth ride that even your kids could probably do if you start up on the Alpine loop. We started in tibble fork parking lot and went up 040 then 157 until we hit the bottom of 252 which ends up on the Alpine loop road. You can pick up a map at the mouth of the canyon. There is a fee to get in the canyon but well worth it. You can also pick up a map at the ranger station in Pleasant grove for $10.00 that covers all the trails in Utah County. Please watch for horses, hikers, and mtn. bikers.


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